Protecting People, Places and Reputations!

The T911 System

Entertain, guide and protects your guests!

The T911 system is a complete 911 system that protects both Tourists and your local Residents all while generating significant REVENUES.  It can be deployed to a City, a large Entertainment Complex or an entire Country.  It is far superior to the 911 Systems of the West and the low cost will shock you.

The T911 is centered on a live map presenting all of your Police, Fire and Medical (response) Facilities, Tourist Features and Facilities, Transportation Facilities, anything of note all encased in a powerful app.

System Components

The system is comprised of four components all working together and served up on the web with no IT overhead or IT expense for your team.  You do not require a server or even a support person.  The flexibility and power of this system may overwhelm you.

Each of these components can be customized to meet your specific needs.


The Guest / Tourist App is a free; Android/IOS app that is downloaded onto the smartphones of your customers as they enter your resort or even prior to when they register for the event on your website.

The GA is downloaded by all of your tourists and residents.  It is a free download for their smartphone that takes less than a minute to set up.

Guests can create a user profile on their own or use their FB account even and they can change the user profile as they wish.


The MRS is easily accessed from any internet connected device but it is designed for your PC.  MRS technicians simply need a PC, the internet and a phone to be effective.  Training takes hours not days.  This system is web based and can be accessed by multiple technicians.

The MRS is a web based, monitoring, communication and response system that can receive data from both the GA and RA and that can actively monitor the RA’s locations.  The MRS is centered on a live map of your city and can be deployed in many concurrent locations.


The Responder App is a free but access restricted app that is downloaded onto the smartphones of your Responders.

The RA can be provided to all Responders and they can each have their own icons.

The RA shares many of the GA features but the difference is that is ACTIVELY TRACKED and designed for the responders.

The RA is designed to help your responders assist and support your guests quickly and efficiently, reducing risks and improving the guest experience.


The Map created by the MRS can be published to the web.  This is an amazing tool for Emergency Response and Public notification.





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System Cost

There are 3 primary costs associated with the system:

  1. Licence purchase per venue and system set up.
  2. Monthly support costs, based on the number of users.
  3. Training and system customization will be extra.

Live Map


Get your city the best system!  Download now and get your free demo!

The system is an amazing response, tracking, communications and marketing tool designed to enhance your customers experience and to keep you in touch with your customers.  Simple and effective it provides amazing value.

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